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Environmental Graphics, Wayfinding, Signage, Construction

為了打造生命質樸的建築氛圍,讓建築與環境合而為一,同時也展現出天人交感的宗教情懷,室內裝潢運用了基本的大地素材如: 木,石和金,並且在樓梯間畫上象徵生命的大樹圖像,色彩以陽光的亮金與林森草原的淡綠為主,讓人能夠充分感受到天地與生命的連結。運用環保綠能科技,更加顯現出自然與人共生共榮的精神。


Based on the theme of  "the purity and simplicity of life", we aimed to make the existing building blend in with its surroundings more, and to express the spiritual concept of a god-men relationship. For the interior design, we utilized basic earthy materials such as wood, stone and metal. The staircase wall was painted an extended image of a large tree, which symbolizes the beauty of life. It was painted separately in light gold and green, inspired by the color of sunlight and grass field. Green energy technologies were also incorporated into the alteration. It sends out the message of living alongside nature in harmony.

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