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Environmental Graphics, Signage, Construction


整體設計符合設計概念的系統性為目標,我們彙整各設計、行銷團隊資訊結合空間機能需求,從中建構設計師最初的想像,並以動態簡報方式呈現,讓業主一同參與體驗、共同討論整體風格定位, 尋求最佳的解決方案。

將已確認的風格及定位──品牌故事──中提煉環境元素、材質、色彩,發展識別系統設計,融入環境並營造空間氛圍 :

以現代東方形式作發想,和平大苑室內指標為搭配室內設計納入了許多傳統中國古典文化的靈感: 質樸、自然、平和,亦使用沉穩色澤和自然紋理來呈現東方獨特韻味,室內佈置和擺飾中運用到了很多的木材,石質,布紋等等的質地,住戶門廊配色也多運用了自然的灰色、白色、咖啡色為基調,以求低調簡約的華麗、色系效果素雅和諧,營造出東方古典與現代簡約風格的搭配。   



Inspired by eastern formalism, Peace Palace incorporated many traditional Chinese ideologies into their signage to match the interior design such as: demureness, natural and mildness. Calming colors and natural textures were used to create an eastern vibe. Textures of wood, stone and cloth were used for many of the interior decorations, and natural tones like gray, white and brown as the main color theme for the hallways and the doors. The harmonious and elegant color choices in correlation with the design created a fusion of both eastern-traditional and modern-minimalist.

The color choices for the basement parking lot were extracted from the five iconic flowers in traditional Chinese gardening to generate a warm ambiance. This shattered the common impression of a cold, lifeless parking lot, and makes the residents feel at home before they even step in their front door.

As for the directional signage, we based our design concept on “Spherical heavens and flat earth.” Which is an ancient Chinese description of the universe. The simple geometrical design not only bears a sophisticated connotation but also displays a contemporary elegance in its aesthetics.

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