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​誠宜建設 Cheng Yi Construction

Re-brand, Design

建立一個好的品牌形象,每一個細節都很重要,以Logo舉例來說,一個好的Logo必須考慮到各種不同的層面: 線條比例、色彩情緒、文字字體和標語等等…



To build a good brand image, every detail is important. Take logos for example, a great logo must take into account various factors to make: line proportion, color emotions, fonts, slogans and a lot more…

Cherng-Yi Construction has their operating philosophy oriented around nature appreciation and living life in harmony. That’s why the gray tone of boulders and the yellowish-orange of the evening sun are perfect color choices for the logo. The existing logo design could also be used for future subsidiary brands with a simple change of the color. 

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